Multiple Cleanser Benefits

by Apr 21, 2020Skin Tips

Are there benefits to having multiple cleansers?

As Estheticians, we get asked frequently, can I have more than one cleanser?

The answer is yes! Our skin is constantly changing; some days it may need more hydration or others, exfoliation. Weather and diet, also play a huge role in the changes in our skin.

Types of cleansers we offer in our clinic: AHA/BHA, Salicylic, Glycolic, Mattifying Foaming cleanser & Lotion cleansers.

Your Esthetician is best to steer you in the right direction and combinations of different cleansers.

We offer complimentary skin and product consultations. In this 30 minute appointment with one of our Estheticians, they will go over a treatment plan specifically addressed to your needs. Peels, Facials and good skincare products, all go hand in hand.

See you soon!