Fight Signs of Facial Aging – Restylane

Fight Signs of Facial Aging - Restylane

Skin firmness begins to decrease and change as a result of natural aging. As many people have a deep desire to look young forever, the evolution of cosmetic procedures has made it easier to maintain youthful good looks. Restylane® is one of the treatments that can help restore the skin’s youthfulness.

What Factors Affect The Aged Skin?

  • Collagen breakdown. The decrease of collagen significantly contributes to the look of aged skin since collagen represents 75% of the skin’s dry weight. 
  • Inflammation. Although inflammation helps with the tissue-healing process and limits damage to the skin, excessive inflammation contributes to early-onset skin aging.
  • Photo defense. The repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun has caused almost 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging, skin damage, and skin cancer.
  • Oxidation. Those free radicals are highly reactive molecules that have the potential to damage all molecules in the body, including the skin cells.
  • Glycation. Sugar is present in many different types of food and has made the skin age faster. Avoiding it may be difficult, but it can make a big difference.
  • Alcohol. Cut down on partying because alcohol has been shown to have a negative impact on the skin. Alcohol can make a person dehydrated, which causes premature aging of the skin.
  • Smoking. Smoking impairs blood flow to the skin. With less blood flow, the skin doesn’t get as much oxygen and important nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

What Are Signs Of Facial Aging?

The skin also ages because of a loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen, resulting in:

  • Loss of fullness/volume
  • Loss of moisture
  • Weakened structural support
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Thinner and less defined lips

What Is Restylane?

Restylane is a cosmetic injectable that adds volume and fullness to the skin and treats moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Additionally, it fights the effects of aging on the skin to help achieve a youthful look that’s natural and long-lasting. Not only that but Restylane can also be used to plump up the lips.

How Does Restylane Works?

As indicated, Restylane is great for treating moderate-to-severe folds and facial wrinkles. It also enhances the lips where people have lost lip volume or those with naturally thin lips. In fact, Restylane Silk is used to correct lines and wrinkles around the mouth and for lip augmentation. 

Moreover, many smokers benefit from this treatment because it can help restore volume to the midface and cheeks by addressing moderate-to-severe facial folds and wrinkles. It can also be injected into the hands to deal with a volume deficiency.

What Can Restylabe Do?

Restylane offers different products for every anti-aging need, and the FDA has approved all products for Restylane patients over the age of 21. Below are the various products and their uses:

  • Restylane. Along with Restylane L, these two can treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds like nasolabial folds. In addition, Restylane and Restylane-L can also be used for lip enhancement without incision for those with lost lip volume due to aging and naturally thin lips. 
  • Restylane Silk. Restylane Silk is also for lip augmentation and correcting wrinkles and perioral (lines around the mouth), including those vertical lip lines caused by smoking.
  • Restylane® Lyft. This Restylane product with lidocaine can address moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Aside from that, it helps augment or restore lost volume to the cheeks and midface. In addition, it can also be injected into the dorsal hand to fight volume deficiency.
  • Restylane® Defyne and Restylane® Refyne. Both products can correct moderate to severe deep facial wrinkles and folds. To be specific, it can correct nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

What To Expect From The Procedure?

Restylane is a relatively easy cosmetic procedure with no incisions, which can be done right in the doctor’s office. Typically, it is done with local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort that might be experienced. The injections can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the work that has to be done and the procedure itself.

Two weeks before the Restylane treatment, it is suggested to stop taking the following to help minimize bruising:

  • aspirin
  • vitamin E
  • fish oil
  • ibuprofen (Motrin)
  • St. John’s wort

Nevertheless, taking arnica before and after the procedure can also help with bruising and swelling. Arnica can be found over the counter at drugstores or health food stores. 

During the procedure, the doctor will choose one or more injection sites in the treatment areas and clean these areas with antiseptic. Also, the doctor will decide how much Restylane is needed. (motivationandlove) The doctor will inject the Restylane under the skin into the treatment areas using an ultrafine needle.

Moreover, the recovery time can vary depending on how many injections are received and the treated area. Some redness, swelling, or bruising can be expected that might take a week or so to resolve fully. Also, it is best to limit sun exposure afterward to prevent added swelling or bruising.

Nonetheless, patients can return to work soon after, although it’s best to give a day to rest and recover in case of several injections. The full results are usually seen within a week after the procedure, but immediate effects can already be seen since the products add volume when injected.

How Long Does Restylane Last?

Keep in mind that Restylane treatments are not a permanent solution to anti-aging problems. Since each patient is unique, results are typically seen for about 6-12 months but can last even longer in some cases. The duration of its effect often depends on several factors, such as how much is injected, the depth of the injections, and the particular area treated. 

Final Thoughts

Restylane is an innovative medspa dermal filler injectable that works by adding volume to smooth away wrinkles. Viva Vitality Facial Aesthetics offers Dermal Fillers, a hyaluronic acid-based that:

  • Regenerates volume on the cheeks, temples, smile lines, hands, earlobes, and chin
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin irregularities caused by aging
  • Contours, shapes, and fills deficits

Get that natural-looking invigorating results with a soft tissue dermal filler.