Laser Hair Removal

by Dec 22, 2021Laser Hair Removal, MediSpa Services

Want to learn more about laser hair removal? It’s a great alternative to old school hair removal methods. Some old school methods can be irritating to the skin for the majority of laser hair removal patients.

Let’s start by answering some of those common questions about laser hair removal.

Question 1- Does it hurt?

We find that with the technology that we have , this is not the case. WE suggest doing your homework and researching different options that are out there.

Question 2- How many sessions?

With our laser hair removal machine we recommend anywhere from 4 to 8 treatments to start. Obviously, this is dependent on the patient and the laser technician.

Question 3- Will it treat every hair color?

Unfortunately, No. There is no laser that can see lighter colored hair.

Question 4- Who can be treated?

With our laser hair removal machine, we can treat ALL skin types. That being said, some may need more treatments, depending on their skin type. That is something that is always discussed with the patient prior to laser hair removal treatments.

These are the top 4 common questions we get from our patients. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our office and schedule your FREE Laser Hair Removal consultation!

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